• Services Provided

    Fibre Termination

    With the ever-expanding IP technology now integrating into the security sector Itec security solutions can provide fibre optic termination services. 

    This allows for the expansion of a network with almost unlimited distance and increasing necessary bandwidth for the continually expanding requirement of data usage. 

    The Fibre optic termination services we provide not only cater to security systems but to any Ethernet network on site. We can test repair and maintain any fibre network as well as provide the necessary hardware to keep your network running smoothly.     

    Gates and Barriers

    Itec Security Solutions understand the need for safe and secure car park control. Our range of automatic gates and barriers are fitted with the latest safety equipment.   

    Our barrier solution makes sure your property is suitable and Itec Security complete a full risk assessment for each barrier installation, providing your premises with the correct solution.  

    We provide our customers with a bespoke solution that provides the best in perimeter security.   Our range of products include automatic gates, barriers, turnstiles and roller shutter doors.

    Security Fencing

    Itec Security Solutions provide a perimeter fencing solution that is uniquely designed to protect your buildings from damage and unauthorised access.

    Our secure fencing can be tailored to your needs and is an essential component in perimeter security. 

     Itec Security Solutions fences will meet your fencing requirements while also being cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and durable. 

    Secure fencing is not only a physical deterrent but also a visual one against unauthorised access.     


    Itec Security Solutions provide a tailored, modern solution to meet your security requirements. 

    Our CCTV systems use the latest technology to provide a first line defence for your business that helps protect people, property and prevent costly theft.

    Installed by fully qualified, professional personnel with a vast experience in securing commercial and industrial premises across the United Kingdom with cutting edge CCTV systems. 

    Our installers work closely with our customers providing the training and procedures necessary to ensure a smooth transition into a secure environment.


    Access Control

    Access Control Systems offer a convenient alternative to using conventional locks and keys and give you complete control of who has access to your premises and when.

    Ranging from PC based electronic proximity systems to mechanical push button code locks. 

    Access Control ensures the absolute management of the movement of people, assets and vehicles in to your premises. It offers the identification of individuals and goods entering controlled environments for a total security solution.   

    The ability to restrict and monitor the access in and out of a site or building is crucial for security.      

    Remote Monitoring

    Remotely monitored CCTV systems can be provided if required. 

    We work closely with a leading monitoring centre who have invaluable knowledge of the security industry and who’s operators are highly skilled and are genuinely passionate about building a long term relationship with their security provider.